What We Do

Organic foods

We grow crops and raise livestock naturally to ensure that the modern consumer has access to healthy foods. Our produce has low nitrate and high anti-oxidant content, meaning they taste better than those produced through conventional farming methods.

Reduction in pollution

We use organic pesticides and fertilizers to ensure that soil and underground water aren’t polluted. Good farming practices rehabilitate the soil and helps save the environment. Ultimately, our organic farming methods help fight pollution.


We continuously have job openings in our local farm. We employ the local youth and residents to work in our farm. Apart from the jobs we offer, we also contribute to the local economy. Keep checking this section for job openings.


We raise animals and grow crops using natural methods to foster biodiversity. The safe local ecosystems we create provide a safe haven for microorganisms and wildlife.

Compost manure

At Urban Digs Farm, we produce compost manure using waste plant materials and animal defecation. Although we use most of the organic manure in our farms, we also sell some to small local farmers.

Rich culture and farm tours

we celebrate good health and biodiversity through organic farming. We carry forward the culture of producing healthy foods and receive guests for farm tours.